Behind the Scenes: Audrey, Our Amazing Summer Intern, Reflects on Her Experience

by Audrey Chew


As I am graduating in the spring of 2017, this past summer was my final chance to explore new opportunities with no strings attached.


After weeks of research, I stumbled upon an internship vacancy with Stint Ireland. They were looking for someone to help manage their community of international intern and gap year participants. Both nervous and eager, I applied for the position and got called in for an interview.


What began as an interview ended up as a hilarious hangout session with newly made friends and colleagues.

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Autumn Blues & Early Bird Highs

This is the end, my only friend. The end.


Sorry, we tend to get a bit overdramatic thinking about summer’s end. (Been listening to a bit too much of The Doors recently.)


Sunny barbecues. Messy festivals. Hard-earned vacations. These memories are still fresh in our minds as the new academic years kicks off. But, it’s not all bad news.


New semester, new me! Right?

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I Regret Taking a Gap Year, Said No One Ever

Malia Obama made headlines recently when she announced she’ll be taking a gap year before attending college at Harvard University.


Almost every major news organization picked up on this development and had something to say about the “gap year.” What is it? Why should young people take one? Why shouldn’t they? Almost every angle was broached.


So, without further ado, here’s our two cents.


The gap year is often discussed in relation to students who have graduated high school, about to enter college. However, a gap year is an excellent option for any individual, no matter their age, who need to take time away from their life for various reasons, whether it’s to get some perspective, recover from career burnout, or simply to take the opportunity to travel.


In this article, we’ll address a specific gap year geared towards young individuals who’ve recently graduated from college or grad school: the working holiday.

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Autumn Leaves & Early Bird Discounts

September. That time of year when the warmth of the waning summer mellows into the gentle chill of the autumn, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes, either real or imagined, harmonious with the vibrant foliage in all its shades of orange, yellow, magenta, red, brown…


Back on campus with new clothes, fresh notebooks, and pens with full cartridges. Recharged and energized, you long for the frenzied first embrace with friends after a summer apart.


The emerald lawn of the quad, freshly cut, beckons.

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Doing what you love and loving what you do

Doing What You Love And Loving What You Do

“Show up, show up, show up, and after a while, the muse shows up, too.” – Isabel Allende.


Born and raised in New York City, Jeffrey Shiau has been living in Dublin, Ireland since September 2013. When he’s not working hard to help Stint Ireland be the best it can be, he’s also a budding writer, photographer, avid traveler, and baseball player among other things. In our latest blog post, we decided to sit down with him to discuss his latest project, 100 Days of Irish Words.

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Introducing Stint Ireland PLUS: Revolutionizing International Education

Every year, thousands upon thousands of students spend mountains of money on tuition fees, plane tickets, and accommodation costs for experiences abroad. And what do they get with this international education? “Self-discovery?” A “worldly cultural education?” An “experience of a lifetime?” Lots of selfies?


International education hasn’t changed much in its history. It’s time someone came along to shake things up.


In this era of technological innovation, we realized a breakthrough in our field was just around the corner. After many sleepless nights, we’ve found a solution. April 1, 2015 will be remembered as the day everything changed…

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