5 Reasons Why We Travel

From gap years spent backpacking Europe to weeklong treks through Iceland, the Stint Ireland team is a well-traveled one. So why do we plan trips to faraway lands?

For otherworldly sights.

Travel: Iceland“Going to Iceland was like going to another planet. There were some moments when I was just so completely blown away by the landscapes that I couldn’t believe I was actually on Earth. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, a stark contrast from the world I was used to.” -Aoife

For the people.

“I’ve been here in Ireland for about a year and a half now. Literally every Irish person I’ve talked to about Ireland has mentioned two things about the country: the craic and how friendly the people are. This has been confirmed by the many conversations I’ve had with visitors of Ireland. People are a great reason to travel. In one sense, people are distinct everywhere you go; they have different customs and cultures. However, people are also just people everywhere. There are universal traits like kindness that make an appearance anywhere you go.” -Jeffrey

For the stories.

“I like to joke that I’m a more interesting person because I’ve been to so many places. In all seriousness though, you do find yourself in some singular situations, meaningful or ridiculous, when you’re traveling. These experiences will always stick with you whether you’re in a job interview, reminiscing with your mate, or entertaining your future grandchildren.” -Melanie

For the spectacle.

Travel: Music Festival“There’s a reason people travel to experience events like Carnival, Glastonbury, Oktoberfest, and St. Patrick’s Day. There’s a magic, an excitement, to being a part of something that involves unfathomable amounts of people. When everyone is looking to have a good time, the atmosphere will sparkle and dazzle with that same vibe. Last year, I went to Electric Picnic, a 3-day music festival in Ireland, for the first time and that was probably the biggest festival I’d ever attended, featuring some 50 or 60 thousand people. It was as if a whole town just appeared out of nowhere and everyone was out having fun, enjoying the music, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.” -Jeffrey

For ourselves.

“I travel for the freedom. Usually, I’d say I’m the control freak in daily life. But when I’m traveling I like to let go, be liberated. It’s a luxury and a mental respite to just go with it. Talking about travel gives me the urge to go away right now. The world is such a big place and the lack of time to see everything I want to see kind of freaks me out!” -Aoife

Travel: Rocky Mountains“In the end, what’s most important is satisfying our own desires and ambitions. Some people might travel to discover who they truly are, others travel for the raw thrill and spontaneity, and the rest might do it as a form of relaxation and escapism. It could be a way to challenge yourself; or, perhaps a way to de-stress. Everyone has their own reason so just remember to follow your heart and do what you think is right for you!” -Melanie

So, that’s why we travel. Tell us, why do you travel?

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