Inside Stint: What Does Jeffrey Do?

Ever wonder what happens in the Stint Ireland office?


I was invited to guest tweet for @AlwaysEmory, a Twitter account set up by the alumni association of Emory, my alma mater. The purpose of the Twitter handle is to give students an inside look at a typical day in various possible careers.


Without further ado, here’s a day at work with me…


Aren’t I clever?



Travel tip: The Liberties is quite the underrated neighborhood in Dublin. Most tourists only pass by because of the Guinness Storehouse. If you get the chance, make sure to take a stroll around Meath Street and Francis Street, where you’ll get a sense of old Dublin. There’s plenty to take in, from the Liberty Market on the weekends to the graffiti-covered walls of the Tivoli Car Park.


There’s our program manager, Aoife. Our program coordinator, Seana. And the boss, Melanie. They’re brilliant people. I love these guys and it’s a pleasure working with them. (They’re a bit camera-shy. No worries though. You’ll get to meet them in person!)



Why aren’t you a Mets fan if you live in Queens? I dunno, why do you wear matching socks? Sometimes, there just isn’t an answer for things.



Where I learned how to walk dramatically down piers…



Forreals though… Grad school and jobs will be there when you get back. You’ve been in the system since you were, like, five years old. You deserve a break from school and people telling you what you should or shouldn’t do.



Shout out to Kimber, featured in said video! Stay tuned for when the video hits the Tube. The YouTube, that is. 😉



Shout out to Ellen, featured in the above support session!



Seriously. I can’t wait to see everyone in twenty years when they’ve solved world hunger, reversed climate change, and invented the iWhatever. No pressure…



Soundtracks are the way to go. If I listen to songs with words while I work, I just end up belting it out and no one in the office wants that.


Outfielder. Pitcher. Infielder.



Believe it or not, it was hailing earlier on in the day.


And that’s all folks! For more Jeffrey, follow him @jeffreyshiau.


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Cross my fingers this takes me to Hogwarts