The story starts with Melanie McDowell, our founder, and managing director, who found herself in South Africa after college, where she found the perfect job at an internship placement company, combining her love of travel, people, and education.

During her time in South Africa, Melanie realized that an experience abroad was such a pivotal event within a person’s life, the impact could be life changing. This realization became the driving factor when she returned to Ireland. With great purpose, Melanie set out to create programs built upon strong foundations: one city, on the ground support, purposeful experiences and personal growth.

And in 2013, Stint Ireland was born.



At Stint Ireland, we have a simple (yet ambitious) mission: to provide high-quality international experiences in Ireland, whilst inspiring a life of purpose and adventure


Big Future | Small Plan

Stint Ireland is based in one city, Dublin. Our team is based in one place, Dublin. We provide a level of personal support to Stinters that can only be achieved through small program sizes. We get to know your name, your interests, your goals and what you truly want to achieve through an experience abroad. This ensures we find the best possible opportunity for you.

Then…we are with you every step of the way.

We connect great people and create opportunities 



Stint Programs

Focused on you

Stint Ireland provides tailored Internship and Gap Year programs in Ireland. We take a holistic approach, the focus is not solely on career experience but also on personal growth and adventure. We believe in developing people, not just resumes.

Let us be a part of your journey, let us provide a platform for a big future.

Stint Partners

No coffee making | Just real purpose

We partner with many incredible companies across Dublin who share our vision: purpose and growth. We have built strong relationships with host organizations who offer diverse internships through fun, dynamic and educational placements. Similarly, with our Gap Year program, our partner companies will help find you a job that matches your ambition and experience. They work with you.

We also have a successful university affiliate program- Stint Ireland work alongside various universities to offer high-quality internship experiences. We make it as easy as possible for students to find the right internship abroad. For more information visit our University Affiliate page. 

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