Internships & Gap Years in Ireland

Embark on a journey of self discovery through a stint abroad.

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Intern Abroad Program

Did you know you could also gain professional experience in your field of interest… abroad?!

Whether you want to work with a team conducting clinical research, hone your design skills at a creative agency, make positive changes at a non-profit, or do whatever it is you do, why not couple it with a stint abroad?

We specialize in tailoring your internship to your career goals; and we have the connections in Dublin to make it happen!

If you’ve always dreamed of studying abroad, or if you’ve already been overseas but didn’t get enough the first time, our 8 to 12 week internship abroad program will let you advance your career while seeing the world.

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Gap Year Program

Graduation is fast approaching but what’s next? Grad school? Career? Where to live? There’s a lot of questions; and a lot of options!

Sometimes, finding the answers to those questions takes time. Life is about growth, and an international experience can change and challenge you like nothing before.

Or, maybe you’ve always known a gap year is on the cards. You love to travel! You crave the thrill of discovering new environments, different cultures, and fresh experiences. And you want the opportunity to do that for up to a year or more while also making money.

Whatever your reason, find out if a year living and working in Ireland is the perfect next step for you.

Dual Program

Like the sound of both programs? Wish you could mash the two together for the ultimate career jumpstarting year abroad?

You’re in luck!

Check out our Dual Program. (Not to be confused with the art of wizard dueling—sorry, Harry Potter fans.)

This is perfect for folks who have a strong desire to travel and live abroad… but also feel like they need to be “practical” and think about their career.

There’s no need to sacrifice your opportunity to go abroad (and regret it later); there’s no need to compromise! 

This is the program for you.

Let us share our knowledge and experience!

Check out our blog posts to learn how to fund your travel, why Dublin is the best place for a stint abroad, what your job prospects are like, and more!

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