An Average Weekend in Dublin

On Friday, after a stroll through the George’s St Arcade, my mates and I walked down South William Street and happened upon a bunny. This bunny was 6 feet tall and had a sign that said “Dance for the chocolate.” As a chocolate lover, I was determined not to let my limited repertoire of dance moves stand in the way of obtaining a FREE CHOCOLATE BUNNY. Before I dazzled Dublin with “the shopping cart” or “the sprinkler” – I hadn’t decided which yet – I handed my iPhone to one of my mates who refused to partake in this ridiculousness. The following ensued…

The stunt was actually put on by Aldi, probably as some sort of Easter viral video campaign.

I look forward to the internet fame that will come as being the guy who thumped the bunny on the head while attempting a hug when the video goes viral on the internet. That’s all fine and dandy. All that matters is that I got this delicious chocolate fellow below. Mmmmm…


Hold on! There’s actually a part two. It turns out my friends and I are the Kings of Stumbling-upon-cool-things-happening.

On Saturday, we were walking down O’Connell Street when we spotted a huge crowd of people in front of the Savoy Cinema. With our Sherlockian skills of deduction, we figured that something must be “going down.” With the whole cinema being plastered with posters of the film, Noah, we decided it must be a premiere for the film.

As we waded through the crowd, we giggled at the possibility of seeing Emma Watson. We got the next best thing though…


There he is! He’s not as tall as I expected.


There you have it! That’s just an example of what could go on during a weekend in Dublin. As the cool kids say, “it’s NBD!”