What programs do you offer?

We offer both internship and gap year programs in Dublin, Ireland.

What’s the difference?

Our intern program lets you spend up to 3 months carrying out an unpaid, career-related internship in Dublin. We will assist you with finding an internship placement prior to your arrival in Dublin.

Our gap year program lets you spend up to 12 months (on the working holiday visa) living and working in Ireland. We do not assist you in finding paid work prior to your arrival in Dublin. Paid, casual work is easy to obtain once in Ireland, mostly in restaurants, bars, shops, or admin work.

Which program is right for me?

They’re both equally awesome. It just depends on what you’re looking for! If you want to gain career experience, check out our intern program. It’s best suited for college students or recent graduates willing to work unpaid in order to gain career-related experience for durations of 3 months or less.

If you’re looking for an experience abroad with the chance to fund your travel with paid work, check out our gap year program. The working holiday is available for college students and recent graduates (you must apply within 12 months of graduation). It is a chance to live, work, and travel in Ireland, for up to a year.

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