Intern Abroad in Ireland

Experience in your desired career and a beefed-up resume!

Internships abroad. What are they?

They’re internships with all the usual benefits, like the opportunity to explore a possible career path, gain real-world work experience, and acquire new skills.

Best of all, you get to do that while living in a foreign country!

(Which comes with its own perks: the chance to travel, immerse yourself in a different culture, challenge yourself by doing something outside of your comfort zone, and so on.)

Pretty straightforward, right?

So when do most college students choose to go abroad for an internship?

Technically, you can go at any time you like. However, most students are rising juniors or seniors as they will have a clearer idea of their career direction by then. Right after graduation is a possibility as well as you might decide to have one more adventure before diving into your first entry-level job.

As for what time of year…

Summer is the most popular time to embark on an international internship. Makes sense, as most internships are being pursued then anyway.

It’s also the perfect time for students who might miss out on the chance to study abroad, but has a strong desire for an international experience.

Depending on your school, program (some require an internship to graduate), and credit situation, you might be eligible to intern abroad during the academic year.

Simply put, there are two questions you need to answer.

      1. Are you looking to do an internship?
      2. Do you want an experience abroad?

If you answered yes to both questions, then the answer probably points to: “Yes, an internship abroad would be perfect for you.” That’s really all there is to it!

Of course, life isn’t always that straightforward. We understand there are loads of other factors that come into play.

Self-doubt. Fear of the unknown. Financial concerns.

These are all very real.

We understand that going overseas is a huge decision for most. We’re here to provide any support that you need, when possible. Otherwise, we’ll help point you in the direction, e.g. resources for scholarships and financial aid.

Is an internship abroad right for me?

Why intern abroad in Dublin?

Reason #1: It’s in Ireland. Reason #2: Dublin.

Firstly, let’s talk about the beautiful country that is Ireland. From the rugged windswept landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way to the historic hills of the Ancient East, this island holds the potential for a million and one adventures. Beyond its raw beauty, Ireland also has a rich history and culture. There’s a unique experience to be found everywhere you go.

Then there’s Dublin, a thriving city that’s evolving before our eyes. It’s historic. It’s creative. It’s innovative. It’s bustling with energy. It’s an urban oasis with multiple dimensions.

There are a variety of internship placement opportunities.

With the recession fully in the rear view mirror, Dublin has seen a boom across all its industries.

As the most populous city on the island, it’s home to many of the country’s most vibrant businesses and organizations, both local and international.

There’s an internship for everyone, whether it’s in the arts, sciences, film, event planning, business.

Ireland is an english-speaking country!

While many study abroad to gain proficiency in another language, internships are another story. You won’t have to worry about tripping over any language barriers in the office here.

A myriad travel experiences awaits.

As the capital city, Dublin is connected to every part of the Emerald Isle. Public transportation, whether it be buses or trains will get you where you need to go for a day trip or weekend away. Not only is it a perfect base for exploring Ireland, Dublin is always a major airline hub. You’ll have plenty of chances to get whisked away on various adventures in continental Europe.

Internship Program Pricing

8 Week Program

  • 8 week internship tailored to your goals & experience
  • 2 months housing (shared room)*
  • Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Airport pick-up & transfer to your Stint housing
  • Orientation pack including travel card & goodies
  • Orientation & tour of Dublin
  • Stint networking & social events
  • Ongoing support sessions from Dublin team
  • 24 hour emergency contact
  • €200 housing deposit not included

12 Week Program

  • 12 week internship tailored to your goals & experience
  • 3 months housing (shared room)*
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Airport pick-up & transfer to your Stint housing
  • Orientation pack including travel card & goodies
  • Orientation & tour of Dublin
  • Stint networking & social events
  • Ongoing support sessions from Dublin team
  • 24 hour emergency contact
  • €200 housing deposit not included

* Limited number of single rooms available at additional cost. Chat to the Stint team for more information.

Internship Program Dates

8 Week Program

Start DateEnd Date
8th January 20209th March 2020
11th March 202011th May 2020
13th May 202013th July 2020
27th May 202027th July 2020
12th August 202012th October 2020
9th September 20209th November 2020
14th October 202014th December 2020

12 Week Program

Start DateEnd Date
19th February 202018th May 2020
29th April 202027th July 2020
29th July 202026th October 2020
26th August 202023rd November 2020

We run a full-service program, which means we’re there from the very beginning to guide you through your journey.

We’ll work with you to find your ideal internship placement, make sure you have everything you need pre-arrival, get you settled in our Sting housing (where you’ll live with fellow Stinters!), ensure your stay in Ireland goes smoothly, and prepare you for your return home.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point in this process, our staff will be there to help.

Because we’re an Irish company, we’ll be sure to share our local know-how to help you get settled into your new environment.

It’s our mission to help you realize your perfect intern abroad experience.

Click here for information about our dates, program specifics, pricing, and eligibility.

About Stint Ireland’s Internship Program

You have questions.

And, we’re happy to help!

For sure! Our intern program lets you spend 8 or 12 weeks in Ireland advancing your career through an unpaid internship with a company in your chosen field. Added bonus, spend your weekends traveling around Ireland and Europe!

Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions, internship are unpaid.

We have places interns in a variety of fields. Everything from clinical research to graphic design to civil engineering, and more! Let us know what you’re looking for, or check out our list of some of the opportunities available in Dublin.

University students or recent graduates from the USA, Canada, Australia, the EU and any countries that do not require a visa in order to come to Ireland and fluent English speakers. If you’re not sure if you need a visa to come to Ireland for an internship, you can check the requirements here.

Yes, we’ll just need to know your university’s specifications so we can make sure your internship fulfils the requirements.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions, head over to our FAQs page.