Intern in Dublin

Let’s face it, traveling is where it’s at these days. You want to see the world & gain new perspectives on life. Well, why not travel with a difference?

An internship abroad will help you to gain valuable career experience while also giving you the chance to live in & explore a new place!

You can advance your professional experience in your field of interest while living in the great Irish capital. Home to a booming hospitality industry, an ever up & coming tech sector or whatever you love to do, Dublin has it.

It’s the perfect opportunity for undergraduates or postgraduates that want a chance to learn some workplace skills in a diverse setting!

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Gap Year in Ireland

A gap year is a perfect opportunity for the “slow traveler”. This experience is made for people who want to immerse themselves in a new culture & live life as a local!

With the magic of the working holiday authorization, you are allowed to look for gainful employment during your 12 months in Ireland to help fund your stay. Not only that but with the miracle of budget airlines, the rest of Europe is right there for the taking too!

It’s an all-in package ideal for the recent graduate looking for a brilliant experience abroad - so why not choose Dublin?!

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