6 Amazing Internships for Medical Students

We’re delighted to present this incredible array of medical internship opportunities in Dublin.

First up, our partner, Adelaide & Meath Hospital, is seeking interns for several of their departments on a rolling basis.

Department of Surgery. Work with the surgery team will involve clinical exposure with clinics and surgeries. There will also be opportunities to conduct research in areas such as diverticular disease (analyzing data to look at the necessity of carrying out colonoscopies in patients) and transanale endoscopic microsurgery (reviewing figures over the last decade of this procedure). Inquire here.

Nephrology Department. The intern will work directly under Dr. Lavin of the nephrology team. The work will include a clinical research project surveying a population of people with kidney failure or chronic kidney disease for research, identifying genetic correlations. Inquire here.

Rheumatology Department. This small interdisciplinary rheumatology team is looking for interns who will be actively involved with their innovative, patient-centered approach with weekly research and team meetings. Research areas may include innovations in IT and medicine with the opportunity to work on the development of a patient portal where patients and consultants to streamline the consultation process. Other opportunities may include working on an interactive online patient education system, which will allow for patient self management; the development of online medical education systems for health professionals, moving away from the didactic and towards an interactive, work-buddy approach; and a rheumatology patient audit, going through records and analyzing data for key findings. Inquire here.

William Stokes Unit. The unit deals with stroke prevention and gerontology research and they are also looking for interns with ambition and potential. Some of the ongoing projects include working on the Stroke Database Registry (administrative management, audit reports, and work on clinical papers with potential authorship possibilities) or Heart Monitoring Community project, a 5-day heart monitoring on patients to determine the main causes of stroke (analyze patient records, ESCAPE trial, acute intervention/stroke trial on patients coming into casualty, delirium screening, training with screening delirium in dementia patients). Inquire here.

A second partner organization, Trinity Health Sciences, is also interested in taking on interns.

Renal Biobank. The Renal Biobank is led by Professor Mark Little. He runs a translational medicine research programme focused on investigation of pathogenesis and discovery of biomarkers of disease in glomerulonephritis. The intern would help with a research study looking at a rare anti-immune condition, ANCA-associated vasculitis that causes multu-organ failure, identifying markers in the disease. There is a possibility of being named a contributor on any research published and the opportunity to attend clinics at the Adelaide & Meath Hospital to observe the whole process. Inquire here.

And lastly, the Children’s University Hospital Temple Street is also in the market for interns.

Play Department. The intern will work with pediatric in-patients of all ages with chronic and terminal illnesses using play therapy to normalize their hospital experience. Methods include pre-hospital entry preparation, distraction techniques during treatments, and post-procedural play therapy. Inquire here.

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