I Dream of Ireland: Week One

“I Dream Of Ireland” is…

a campaign. It’s a message to the world, a declaration about travel and experiences abroad with Ireland, front and center, as a must-go on your journeys.

an opportunity. It’s a chance to get inspired by other people’s stories and to learn about experiences in Ireland.

a celebration. It’s a party and we’ll be providing the entertainment. Indulge us and join the fun (on FB, Twitter, or Instagram), whether it’s through our weekly competitions or if you just feel inspired. You’re invited, just use #DreamOfIreland for the world to see!


“I Dream of Ireland” will run for three weeks from March 4 – 25, each with a theme.

Week 1 (March 4 – 10): Take a risk. Challenge yourself.

Week 2 (March 11 – 17): Breaking stereotypes about Ireland.

Week 3 (March 18 – 24): Stories and memories from traveling.


Where is the magic happening? (To be updated throughout the week.)

Week 3 is underway. Check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

A Yank in Dublin: Lost in Translation

To an American, Ireland might not seem as foreign as, say, Italy or France, but if you find yourself in the Emerald Isle, I guarantee you’ll find yourself in some funny situations where things get lost in translation during your time abroad.


As a recent graduate, I came to Ireland on a Working Holiday visa (which let’s US students/recent graduates live and work in Ireland for up to 12 months). After a few months, I’d accumulated more than a handful of facepalm moments. Here are a few stories from my time in Ireland before joining the Stint team…


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