Off The Beaten Track: Tivoli Theatre Car Park in Dublin

Tucked inside Francis St, a side street of the gritty Thomas St, is an oasis of colour, the Tivoli Theatre Car Park, Dublin’s own “5 Pointz.” As someone who walks down Thomas St everyday to get to work, it took me five months before I took the time to check this place out.

I read about the car park in Secret Dublin a few months ago and penciled it onto my to-do list. All I had to do was make a right turn while on my way home one day to see this marvellous site. But right turns can be tricky, eh?

I blame the rain.

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7 Treasures of Dublin Hidden in Plain Sight

Dublin. Pubs, Trinity College, Book of Kells, Guinness, The Liffey, Ha’Penny Bridge… These are must sees no doubt featured in your copy of the Lonely Planet. But what if you wanted to dig deeper and really get to know the city? Simple, just pick up a copy of Secret Dublin: An Unusual Guide by Pól Ó Conghaile. This recently published guidebook will show you a whole new dimension of Dubin, highlighting aspects of Dublin that go unnoticed, lurking, hidden in plain sight. To give you a taste, we’ve put together the following list. Enjoy!

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