Through Their Eyes: An Experience in Ireland

Most of our Intern Abroad Stinters (program participants) come to Ireland for up to 90 days. While that may seem like a short period of time (like…Christmas was almost 6 months ago!), 2-3 months is a lifetime when it comes to an abroad experience.


It’s unbelievable all the things our Stinters do in that short period of time: taking part in a full-time internship, traveling Ireland and Europe, exploring Dublin, and hanging out with their fellow Stinters.


It was a pleasant surprise today when we stumbled upon this video by Alexis, one of our Summer 2015 Stinters, basically showing all of the above.


Check it out and get a sense of what an experience abroad in Ireland is like… through our Stinters’ eyes.


P.S. Love all the drop-dead gorgeous shots of Ireland, all the featured Stinters, a glimpse at our Stint House, and the dancing/dramatic-fall Jeffrey cameo!