Stint Faves: Jeffrey’s Romp Through Dublin (Northside)

Dublin is vibrant, full-of-history, beautiful, blah, blah, and all that jazz. You’ve heard all of that before. But what’s an ideal day in Dublin like?

Well, it’s different for everyone so we decided to have a bit of fun and ask everyone at Stint HQ about their ideal day in Dublin.

Last time we asked Melanie, the boss, about her ideal day. Today we’ll feature Jeffrey’s perfect day in Dublin

…except Dublin is too awesome to fit into a single day so he’s going to cheat a little and describe two different awesome days – one on the north side and the other on the south side.

This is the North Side Edition.

The first thing I think of when I wake up is breakfast.

Food. Me hungry.

I’m the type of person who loves a big, hearty meal to start off the day. Didn’t Ben Franklin say 3 eggs a day keeps the doctor away or something? Anyway, the first item of the day (after I shower, brush my teeth, dress up, etc.) is to procure a good Irish breakfast at either Lovinspoon or Kingfisher.


If it’s rainy outside, I would head over to the Hugh Lane Gallery to check out any new exhibitions, bathe in the glory of the stained glass window room, soak in inspiration from the art, or enjoy a free concert (they happen Sundays at Noon). If the sun decides to come out to play, I would head over to the Blessington Street Basin for my daily dose of vitamin D and do a little bit of reading or writing.

hugh lane.jpg

For lunch, I would head over to Capel St (home of a billion foodie gems) and have an extremely tough time deciding between a scrumptious sambo at either Brother Hubbard or Oxmantown, a bento box at Musashi, or some Korean grub at Arisu.


At this point, if the weather stays pleasant, an afternoon stroll in either Phoenix Park, Bull Island, Malahide, or Howth would be in order.

This is turning out to be a choose-your-own-adventure type thing!


Since this is an ideal world, I would have a second lunch (fish and chips at Beshoff’s, obviously) after my hike in Howth. In Malahide, I would stroll around the magnificent castle grounds and the marina before popping into a coffee shop for a cup o’ joe.


If the world conspires differently and I find myself in Phoenix Park or Bull Island, I would be tossing a frisbee with a friend, maybe playing some beach volleyball, and just basking in the midday sun.

Walking back from Phoenix Park would take me through Stoneybatter where a feast and delicious pints of craft beer (IPAs, for the win!) would be waiting for me at L. Mulligan’s Grocer. Since Smithfield is on the way back home, I might check out the latest art-house film at the Light House cinema followed by a trip to the Cobblestone for a creamy pint of Guinness. I will have to make a stop by the Dice Bar as well. There’s just too many cool places in that area!


From Malahide or Howth, I would take the DART back into town and have some dinner at M&L Szechuan. Afterwards, my friends and I would head over to the Twisted Pepper to dance the night away.

Then I shall become overcome with drowsiness and sleep until one in the afternoon the next day because I would be completely exhausted from this average epic day in Dublin.


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