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    This program is designed specifically for those who are soon to graduate or recently graduated. We mix both the internship and working holiday programs together. The end result- one awesome experience! Add to your resumé AND take the time to travel, grow, learn and live.

    Your dual program journey will start off with an internship that meets your goals and experience level (internship length is approximately three months)- Stint will work with you to find your ideal placement before you even arrive in Ireland.

    You will arrive in Ireland on a working holiday visa which allows you to stay for 365 days (American citizens) or 730 days (Canadian citizens). Once your internship ends, Stint will connect you with two of our partner employment agencies.

Built With Your Future In Mind

Get Started

A placement, tailored and crafted with you in mind.

 (Or head over to our Internship page to look at our full list of placement opportunity)

On top of your placement, you will be provided with:

Visa application support

Access to online resources

Connection to the Stint community

24hr on the ground emergency contacts

Airport pickup

Arrival orientation

Local transport card

And then there are the unique Stinter perks:

Swag bag (containing goodies!)

Partnership with employment agencies

Awesome housing

Check-ins & support sessions

Local trip/tour discounts

Access to events & trips

Your Dream

An experience abroad is about discovery and self-discovery

It’s taking a step away from home to see the beauty of the world. It’s turning back and realizing the allure of where you came from. It’s looking at the world in all its complexity, forever altering your perspective. It’s a rite of passage.

This is your experience.

Program Dates & Pricing