Post Orientation

All you need to know to start your adventure!

You’ve finished your orientation with Stint and met the team! It’s time to embark on your adventure in Ireland.


Your experience will be amazing, there will be lots of fun and learning involved. But, it is important to know that it won’t be all roses and bunnies…or in Ireland’s case, sheep!

It is vitally important you read, save and understand this webpage.


(Yes, even adults have them!)

There is a saying – “to be treated like an adult you must act like one”.

We will treat you like a young adult, and in return, we ask for your respect and that you act like an adult.

Make yourself familiar with your Stint house rules. Each house has a set of garbage disposal instructions, you’ll find these on your house Slack channel and will need to know them. Remember, YOU hold the responsibility to ensure the bins are taken out for collection.

Our cleaning team have names, they are not to be called “the maid” or “the cleaner”. Please take time to introduce yourself and ask their name.

Once the rules are met, and you are being respectful towards all Stint staff and your fellow Stinters- all will be good!



Make sure to check out our example week one.

Ensure you know:

  1. Start date/time
  2. Transport/Walking route
  3. Equipment needed

If you have any questions please contact (before your first day!!)

Sick procedure:

If you become unwell, we suggest reading the under the weather guide.

You will need to email both your internship supervisor AND Stint to let us know if you require day(s) off due to illness. And if you require more than two days off, a doctors note must be obtained and provided to your supervisor and to Stint.

Requesting days off- 

Your supervisor has notified Stint and you how many days off you may have.  You will need to provide your internship supervisor with, at least, five days notice for any request for time off.

Please ensure that you refer to the email you received to confirm your internship in which the number of days off permitted is listed.  Please do not take more days than you have been given.   

 Gap Years:

Ensure that you supply team stint ( with:

  • GNIB appointment date

If you haven’t already, please touch base with Lex Consultancy (, who are our employment partner.

Lex will ask that you email:

  1. CV/resume (with an Irish address and phone number)
  2. Ensure the email highlights that you are on the Stint program.
  3. Outline any relevant experience and skills you have in short detail.

Lastly, please read over legalities section which provides information about how to obtain a social security number and bank account.

If you have any questions please contact

Most companies in Ireland will use Microsoft Office software. It is important that you are competent in using them. We suggest taking time prior to your internship or interview/search for work (gap years) to take some online refresher tutorials.

MS Office Tutorial  MS Excel Tutorial  MS Outlook Tutorial


Illness, Homesickness and contacting team stint


Please ensure you know where the closest pharmacy and doctor is to your house- use Google Maps to check them out. Each pharmacy will have an on-duty pharmacist, we recommend consulting with them before scheduling any doctor visits.


Homesickness/Mental Health

It’s ok to chat, and homesickness is totally normal. If you feel like you need a chat, please do not hesitate to reach out to team stint- we are your safety net! If you need to speak with a professional, please know that anything you tell us will be in the utmost confidence and we will connect you with the right person.

Remember to keep all receipts relating to medical expenses. To make any claims visit the volunteer card claims information.

We partner with a really great organization called Clanwilliam Institute. who offer mental health services to Stint participants. You can contact them directly and they offer their services on a donation basis (€5-€30). If they ask for a contact at Stint, please provide Mel’s email (


Contacting team stint

As much as we promise to always do the very best for you, we are human and also have lives outside of office hours (9 am to 5 pm). We are only contactable in the event of emergencies 24/7. You should have already saved our emergency line into your phone but if not, here it is again: +353 86 044 82 68
We suggest for non-emergency related questions/events to communicate via Slack or email

We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible but often it will be the next working day before we are able to respond to non-emergencies 🙂


Maintenance issues:

If you require maintenance support for anything within the house please use the form below:

Maintenance Form



We hope that you make the most of your time in Ireland and Europe. Fun, adventure and exploring should be important to you, but your safety is our priority. As young adults, you will responsible for yourself when you travel. Remember to always carry your insurance document with you. Ensure your passport is safely secure within a bag. And lastly, we suggest registering your trips with your consulate/embassy. This will help your embassy get in contact with you in the event of an emergency, whilst also help with maintaining communication with your family in the event of an emergency. Check out this document we prepared to help with easy registration.

Register with Embassy

phones, traveling and Dublin!

Other bits!

Sim card setup: 

To set up your sim card please go to EIR and follow the instructions listed beside the plan that best suits your needs. We suggest going for a plan with unlimited texts and high data (15gb). If you are having problems with setting your phone us online, visit the Carphone Warehouse Store on Grafton St.



Please let Stint know where you are going and for how long – we need to know in the event of an emergency. Always take your medical/travel insurance document with you.


Dublin is a great and relatively safe city. Please enjoy the city as best you can while you are here. Remember to always be responsible and safe on nights out, keep your belongings close to you and do not leave your drinks unattended at all times.