The next step

Just one more step and you’ll be an official Stint Ireland program participant! Time to pay your first program fee!



Before you proceed to payment, please make sure to read and understand our Terms and Conditions.


Amount Due: €778.00

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Payment FAQs

What does this payment cover?
This part of the program fee covers administration, Stint resources, housing allocation.
What happens when I pay this fee?
Once we receive this payment, you will be prompted to fill out an arrival form, and once the form is received/checked by Stint, we can proceed with planning your arrival.

When should I book flights?
We suggest booking flights once this payment is made as you will need to provide proof of arrival/departure flights to the Consulate. Our friends at Student Universe offer a portal where you can avail of great deals on flights across the globe, check it out here: Find Me Flights. It is not possible to purchase a return ticket for a year in advance. What you can do is purchase a flex-fare ticket. This costs a little bit extra but will allow you to change your return date free of cost. So say if you can only book a return ticket for 9 months in advance. If you have the option to change your date you can then change it closer to the time to allow you to stay for longer.

Oh and remember, Stint housing move in days are Wednesdays.

Stage 2 of Visa Application
Once you receive your insurance policy document from Stint and have your flights booked, it’s time to proceed with stage two. Follow the instructions supplied by the consulate.