Become A “Viking.” Roar And Shake Your Fists At “Celts.”

Viking Splash Tour

If you’ve spent any time in the city centre of Dublin, you’ve probably noticed the screaming hordes of Vikings (or people wearing Viking hats) being driven around in yellow tanks. It’s hard to understand what the fuss is apart until you don your Viking helmet.

But when you do, boom!

Your transformation is complete. You are now a Viking raider and everyone else outside your yellow vessel is now a “Celt.”

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Although the tour guide does cover a bit of history and tidbits about the areas you pass, don’t expect to become an expert in Dublin or Irish history after your two hour “raid” – for that, I’d recommend checking out Kilmainham Gaol.

If roaring and shaking your fists at unassuming “Celts” – whether it’s the “competition Celts” in the Hop-On-Hop-Off buses, “cappucino Celts” walking along Dawson St, or those pesky “police Celts” – is your thing, then this should be a good way to spend 90 minutes of your day.

Aaaargh!viking splash.jpg

Don’t worry about getting wet either. The water-based portion of the “Splash” tour is more of a leisurely cruise around Grand Canal Dock than a thumping ride on a speedboat.

Interesting fact: The vehicles, called DUKWs (ducks), are amphibious trucks used by the US military in WWII. They were built by women and two of the DUKWs in the Viking Splash fleet are said to have taken part in D-Day.