A First Hand (Instagram) Look at Experiences in Ireland

We imagine that prospective Stinters (possibly you), thinking of embarking on an internship abroad or gap year, would like to get a better sense of what an experience abroad is like.


Considering that, we thought it would be a great idea to let our program participants take the reins of our Instagram account to give you a glimpse into life abroad as an intern or gapper.


So far, it has been incredible getting a first hand, behind-the-scenes look, directly from the Stinters themselves. There’s so many nuances to living abroad, from social life with the Stint community to travels abound.


Before we give you the highlights…


To all our guest Instagrammers (shout out to Kimber, April, Jessica, Katrina, Julia, Anna, and Annie), we’d just like to say…





An experience abroad can be filled with moments of awe. After all, nothing compares to the sights of the Irish landscape.









There’s time to explore Dublin, and enjoy all its wonders, from its cafes and pubs to the rainbows and sunsets.





It can be chill and relaxed.



Good morning from the countryside ft. tea and cows 🙂 #stintlife #cowgoals Guest instagrammer: @flamingo6842

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There’s local holidays (Paddy’s Day) and festivities to enjoy!


The Stinters all geared up for #paddysday yesterday! #Dublin #Ireland #stpatricksday

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Ireland’s history is one of the things that drew me to this beautiful country. 2016 is a big year for the Republic as it’s the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. For those who don’t know, this was a rebellion against Britain in an effort to get home rule. It took place throughout Dublin and spanned 5 days ending in the rebels’ surrender and resulted in over 2,200 civilians wounded and 260 civilians killed, many caught in the crossfire. These wreaths are at Kilmainham Gaol laid there during ceremonies on the anniversaries of the rebel leaders’ executions. Initially many nationalists were angry as they wanted to achieve home rule through peaceful negotiations, however when the leaders were tried and convicted by an illegal war tribunal the Irish people made strides towards independence and ultimately the Irish Civil War in 1922 that ended with their separation from the United Kingdom. The Irish people’s preservation of their history is evident in every museum and national site. Take the time to explore them and learn more about this rich culture! Guest instagrammer: @katrinagab #Dublin #Ireland #StintIreland #internabroad #history #1916centenary #kilmainhamgaol #lovindublin

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Besides trekking around Ireland, adventures can also be found abroad.




Golf carting through the town! ?? #krakow #greatcraic #stinters #internabroad – guest instagrammer: @julia_wiens

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Not only is traveling and exploring Ireland fun, your work can be rewarding and good craic (fun) too!




My love for history and an interest in the tourism field led me to @littlemuseumofdublin (with the guidance of Aoife at Stint, of course!). I loved every day there and all the people I worked with. Tasks varied from floor duty greeting visitors to researching for exhibitions and even setting up wine receptions for private events held at the museum! The museum is at the heart of Dublin right across from St. Stephen’s Green and showcases Dublin throughout the 20th century. Entry is €8 for adults and €6 for students and is by guided tour only. The tours start every hour on the hour. If you have the time and want a unique museum experience, go say “hiya!” to them! Guest instagrammer: @katrinagab Song: “Rare Oul’ Times” by @floggingmollyband #Dublin #Ireland #lovindublin #wanderlust #studenttravel #gapyear #internabroad #Europe #StintIreland #littlemuseumofdublin #floggingmolly

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And last, but certainly not least, an experience is made by the amazing people you meet (BFFs)!







Slainte! (Cheers in Irish.)




Tonight’s the night! Let’s go Ireland ?? #euros2016 #greenarmy #stinters – guest instagrammer: @julia_wiens

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And since this project has turned out so well, we’d like to continue this series of guest Instagrammers so stay tuned for more gems from our Stinters!