Featured Opportunities: GIY Ireland, the Aisling Project, the NRH, and the Anne Sullivan Centre

Internship opportunities galore! Available placements include working with a global food growing movement, an after-school intervention organization, and in occupational therapy.


GIY Ireland. Intern.

Grow It Yourself International is a global food growing movement. Several internship opportunities are available at GIY’s new Food Empathy Centre in Waterford. Specific roles will be built around the intern’s skills and interests. The intern will contribute to a variety of projects including working with educational courses, outreach, and school programs; interacting with community groups; supporting the development of GIY groups, locally and internationally; and working with businesses interested in setting up gardens at their premises. Inquire Now.

Aisling Project. Summer Project Intern.

The Aisling Project works with young people, ages 8 – 13, with the goal of preventing early school leaving by running an after-school intervention project for children at risk. The service provides a hot meal every day, homework supervision, and various developmental activities – drama, art, music, sports, etc. The intern will be involved in the Summer Project during the month of July. Inquire Now.


National Rehabilitation Hospital. Occupational Therapy Intern.

The National Rehabilitation Hospital works with individuals who have acquired physical or cognitive disabilities through accident, injury, or illness. The intern will work with the Spinal Cord System of Care Programme, a specialist medical rehabilitation programme. The intern will shadow and assist the therapist as required; attend community outings with therapists; porter; prep for groups; answer phones; organize therapy drawers; photocopy and laminate; update catalogues; and tidy resources. Inquire Now.

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Anne Sullivan Centre. Occupational Therapy Intern.

The Anne Sullivan Centre is a support centre for people who are both deaf and blind. The intern should have an interest in occupational therapy. Inquire now.