The next step

Just one more step and you’ll be an official Stint Ireland program participant! Time to pay the first part of the program fee.



Before you proceed to payment, please make sure to read and understand our Terms and Conditions.


Amount Due: €2629.00

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Payment FAQs

What does this payment cover?
This part of the program fee covers your travel/medical insurance and some additional administration.
What happens when I pay this fee?
Once we receive this payment, you will be prompted to fill out an arrival form, and once the form is received by Stint, your insurance will be issued directly to you.
When should I book flights?
We suggest booking flights once this payment is made. Oh and remember, Stint housing move-in days should match the program start day you’ve selected. This should be a Wednesday.

Phone, Medication & Banking
Banking in Ireland – For security reasons, please ensure you inform your bank that you will be using your bank cards in Ireland.

Ask your bank to supply you with a chip and pin debit/credit card as some places in Ireland only accept payment from cards with a chip and pin.

Phone – In order to use your phone here in Ireland, please ensure that it is unlocked. Then, once you arrive in Dublin, we will direct you where to get a sim card.

Medication – If you are taking medication, we recommend visiting your physician to seek advice on whether you require a prescription to use in Ireland or if you can take a supply of medication for the duration of your travels. You can find more advice via The Embassy of US website.