7 Quirky Things To Do In Dublin This Summer

Dublin is a city with a host of traditional tourist attractions. But when you want something different, where do you start? Has Dublin got a funky bone? Knowing the feeling all too well, we got our thinking caps on. And did we think of things!! So when the mood strikes you why not try one of our quirky finds in Dublin’s bizarre but wonderful city. Trust us, it’s going to be super fun.


1. Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar

When it comes to something really different, you’re well on your way with Gay Bingo at the George. Coming into its sixteenth year, the show welcomes everyone from everywhere and delivers nothing less than absolute craic! And even if you’re not some sort of seasoned Bingo extraordinaire, the experience alone will possibly be the oddest yet funniest highlights of your time in Dublin.

The show gets going every Sunday at 9pm followed by DJ Karen into the early hours of the morning. I’m sure you can understand why you have to visit.


2. Milk and Cookie Stories

Ireland’s extensive storytelling culture is hardly a mystery, but Milk and Stories still continues to be somewhat of a mystery to many. The title says it all – kind of. Located in a secret Dublin venue, this volunteer-run arts charity is lets you share a tale or relax at the event with a nice biscuit. The choice is completely your own.

The event, held monthly, is always free. I’d highly recommend an evening with these guys, it’s definitely a unique experience.


3. The Bodysnatcher’s Watchtower in Glasnevin Cemetery

Dublin, like many places, was once home to the bodysnatching phenomenon. Pesky anatomy students and thieves ran riot until Glasnevin cemetery combated this with watchtowers. Here, guards could keep an eye on notable figures like Michael Collins and Patrick Pearse. Right beside the National Botanic Gardens, the tower and the cemetery are well worth the venture.

The 40 or 140 bus will bring you directly to Glasnevin Cemetery. The public tours of the graveyard start at 10:30am and run until 3:30pm.


4. St. Michan’s Mummies

The crypt at St. Michan’s is not your ordinary tour. Thanks to the great preservative nature of its limestone walls, you can uncover the remains of Dublin’s most influential families from the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. This church, if it couldn’t get any cooler, also houses the decorative coffins of the Earls of Leitrim and the legendary Shears Brothers from the 1798 rebellion. While you may raise an eyebrow or two, this is one adventure I wouldn’t dare miss.


5. The Comedy Crunch

A spell in Dublin wouldn’t be complete without some awesome stand-up comedy at 1 Dame Court. The Comedy Crunch is a typical night at the Stag’s Head (ever Sunday, Monday and Tuesday), featuring new comedians, each with their own hilarious rambling. It’s also best that you enjoy ice cream, as this fun set up has a designated free ice cream interval! Another part of its draw, as if you needed more persuasion, is the give-what-you-can hat. So if you have or haven’t got them dollar bills, there is no stress.

Be sure to get there before 9pm; you won’t be disappointed.


6. Open-air Yoga

Fancy some paradise with a side of the outdoors? You’re just on the ticket with yoga in Dartmouth Square. Classes are capped at €5 (going towards the teacher, the class, and overall upkeep of the venue) and open to all. Once you pin down a day to venture over to Ranelagh (Saturdays at 11am lasting 1hr and 20 mins or Wednesdays at 6pm lasting 1hr in total), your day will certainly be brightened.

(Disclaimer – A prayer to the unicorns helps to keep the rain at bay!)


7. The Lucky Stone of Audoen’s Church

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll get you some Irish luck. What is this sorcery, you ask? A very lucky find for you, my friends! Dating back to the 8th century, this lucky stone is believed to be the tombstone of one fortunate Irish Saint. And from there, as the legend goes, the stone has been thought to protect people from harm and illness. Though thieves have tried to steal it, the stone reacted, driving the thieves into letting it go. Finding its way back inside the porch of St. Audoen’s Church, it offers some of that luck to its visitors.