Off the Beaten Track: Inis Mor and the Worm Hole

If I happened upon a fork in the road, I wouldn’t take the road less traveled, nor would I pocket the fork. Who cares about roads? I’d walk straight into the forest and do some trailblazing!

That’s how I found myself in the presence of the Wormhole. Having hiked through boulders and a few cliffs, it was an especially rewarding moment when the Wormhole came into view, peaking out from an alcove in the cliff face. The natural phenomenon is a pool, rectangular in shape, directly cut from the limestone, into which water ebbs and flows.

I must have sat there, just staring at this wondrously cyclical scene, for ages. First, the ocean waves are too weak to overcome the limestone walls, then they slowly gather strength until finally the water spills over the edge and trickles into the limestone walls. The waves immediately following those are even more powerful, crashing directly into the pool. The Wormhole fills up, overflows, and starts to drain. The process starts over again. It is mesmerizing. It is peaceful. The repetition is like the beating of a heart. Nature’s heart.

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