Katie Browner, Occupational Therapy Intern

“My favorite moment of the internship was with one little four year old boy. He’s very low functioning and he loves working on puzzles, more than anything, it’s his favorite activity. When the kids are outside playing, he’s always wanting to work on a puzzle. But he needs a lot of help doing the puzzles.

One day I was working on a puzzle with him. It was a box of puzzles with four different care bears in there. He wanted to do all four puzzles but we didn’t have time to do all of them so he got upset. So I told him we would do them all the next day. And the next day, the first thing when he got here, was he found me and asked me if we could do a puzzle. And I thought he would forget about it and he didn’t. It was so sweet!”

Katie Browner from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Occupational Therapy Intern at Little Pals Preschool with Enable Ireland.