Avenley Horner, Graphic Design Intern

Avenley Horner is a storyteller, photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer. She’s also awesome.

Currently a rising senior at Auburn University, Avenley spent a summer with us here in Dublin, interning at Fudge Creative, a boutique creative agency.

During her time in Dublin, she has captured our imaginations with her vibrant nature and artistic talents.

Here is her story.

Off The Beaten Track: Tivoli Theatre Car Park in Dublin

Tucked inside Francis St, a side street of the gritty Thomas St, is an oasis of colour, the Tivoli Theatre Car Park, Dublin’s own “5 Pointz.” As someone who walks down Thomas St everyday to get to work, it took me five months before I took the time to check this place out.

I read about the car park in Secret Dublin a few months ago and penciled it onto my to-do list. All I had to do was make a right turn while on my way home one day to see this marvellous site. But right turns can be tricky, eh?

I blame the rain.

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