Interview Tips

The thoughts of an interview can be daunting but the key to any successful interview is preparation and always remember, it’s not just about the company figuring if you are the right fit but it’s also an opportunity to figure out if the company is the right fit for you.

At this stage the company will have already seen your resume/portfolio and have asked for an interview because they feel you are good candidate so be confident. Take a look at our Interview Tips guide which will help you prepare for an interview.

Good luck!

Useful Guide:

Interview Tips

 Portfolio Tips

Portfolios are highly important within industries such as Animation and Architecture. A portfolio is exactly the same as a CV/Resume only it shows off the visual aspect of your skills and experience.

A good portfolio should show off your education, skills, ambitions and most important, your work. It can also be quite valuable to highlight any relevant experience you may have with industry related software or programs-this might include programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. If you need any help, we suggest taking a look at two of our previous Stinter’s portfolios:

Animation   Architecture

Internship Preparation

Planning for your internship is an important stage as it marks the beginning of what could be a life-changing experience. At this point is it important to ensure you are completely ready to make the step into your internship in Ireland.

The first piece of the puzzle is to ensure that you fully understand the term “internship”. The purpose of this experience is to provide you with an opportunity to gain an insight into a specific industry whilst developing experience and new skills. Learning is a big part of any internship so we encourage you to always take any opportunity to learn something new. 

We recommend asking your supervisor the following before starting your internship:

  1. Will you need any equipment/materials? (i.e. laptop, lab coat, safety shoes)
  2. Are you required to wear any particular uniform or work attire?
  3. What is your start day and time?  

Having the answers to these questions will make arriving and settling in life in Dublin a lot easier (we promise!).

Post Interview

  1. Follow-up with a thank you email to the company after your interview.
  2. Let Team Stint know whether you are accepting or not accepting an offered internship within three days of an interview.