Did you know all our Gap Year Stinters have secured a job within 30 days of their arrival?…pretty cool eh! Not only will we help ensure your CV is up to scratch, we also partner with two incredible companies which make finding a job as easy as possible. Take a look at our Jobs in Ireland guide for further inspiration.

Please take some time to read through our Legalities section which covers all you need to know about GNIB, Bank Accounts, and Tax; all the legal requirements for living and working in Ireland.

 Legalities Legality Checklist

Stint Partners

Just like us, They understand

Whether you want to find a job to fund adventures or more focused on finding something with more career emphasis, our partners can help to find the right fit. We work closely with two incredible agencies who are based here in Dublin, just like Stint. Both agencies have offices in Dublin and operate throughout Ireland. Here is a little more information for you:

Lex Consultancy

Lex offers candidates a diverse array of options across a number of industries. They are held in high esteem by both job seekers and businesses. You will be assigned to a specific team member who will work to match you with a company based off both parties needs. Why not take a look at CPL’s website to gain a further understanding of what they do and how they do it. 

Lex Consultancy

 Other ways to find a job:

Jobbio allows you to create a dynamic profile which you link your resume and LinkedIn profiles too. JobFace provides users with an opportunity to provide a video profile (see this handy Samples & Tips section for help).

Finding Work & The Numbers

Working in Dublin

Whether you are hoping to work in a busy Dublin pub, a vibrant start-up or corporate business, you will need to have a solid CV and cover letter. There are plenty of jobs in Ireland at the moment and many industries are booming. We recommend following the steps as below. Don’t forget to read our Jobs in Ireland guide and see how to utilise our partners and find a job easily. 

If you want any feedback on your CV and cover letter, you can send it to team@stintireland.com.

 The Steps

  1. Take a look at our Jobs in Ireland guide, which will give you an idea of industries/job types available, CV tips and templates.
  2. Once you have an idea of what type of job you wish to obtain, you will then need to tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight your experience and skills as best as possible in relation to the specific job/industry.
  3. Lastly, always remember to keep workable (Google/Microsoft Doc.) copies of your CV and cover letter on your laptop so you can tailor them when needed.

The Numbers

Minimum wage: €9.80 per hour (various companies such as the supermarket Lidl pay a living wage of €11.45 per hour).

People earning under €33,000 will pay approximately 20% tax per year.

As you are on a working holiday visa you are entitled to search and obtain work in Ireland. Once you reach Dublin, the Stint team will help you to obtain all the necessary requirements such as the Irish Residents Permit card (formally known as GNIB card), PPS number, and bank account.