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Marketing & PR

Dublin is a creative, cosmopolitan city, home to a myriad multinational companies and local startups. As an emerging global digital hub, Dublin has seen a boom in marketing, with many award-winning full-service creative and advertising agencies calling the city home.

As marketing is essential for any business, there are also opportunities working in-house on marketing and sales strategies (including traditional and digital marketing campaigns) for companies, established and new.

A marketing & advertising internship in Dublin will put you at the heart of this creative industry, working with dynamic teams and clients on marketing campaigns, brand strategies, and creative briefs.

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Medical & Public Health

Stint Ireland works with universities and hospitals in Dublin where you can assist with medical research.  You may have access to attend clinics, and sit in on inter-disciplinary meetings with medical teams.  Medical internships in Dublin are a great way for pre-med students to gain excellent medical exposure.

Public health issues in Ireland include obesity, smoking, diabetes, and age-related illnesses. Public health internships might involve working with public health advisers, working with school education groups to promote healthy lifestyles, or within health centers.

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Kelly-Ann, Animation Intern

Business & Economics

Dublin has positioned itself as a hub for creative entrepreneurialism and digital innovation.  Ireland has also become a leader in the food, pharmaceutical, and tourism industries.

A business internship will give you the chance to experience business in practice whether in a dynamic role with a start-up, or working on international trade links with a Chamber of Commerce, business consultancy, or advising business start-ups on how to develop their business plans.

Those with an interest in economics can work with academic or governmental economic departments on national and international economic research and policy development.

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Dublin is waking up again after the recession years and there is a marked increase in construction, as well as city centre public transport infrastructure for civil and structural engineering interns to get involved with. There has also been a rise in the need for more niche engineering services in the growing pharmaceutical, biomedical, and IT industries. There are also opportunities for mechanical engineers working to increase productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing sector. Engineering internships can be arranged according to your specific engineering skills and interests.


For a glimpse of life as an engineering intern, check out this video featuring one of our Stint alums.


Ireland has a rich history with film, from classics like Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and Braveheart to modern flicks like P.S. I Love You and Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank. In recent years, it’s become a hub for television productions as well with Game of Thrones and Vikings being filmed on the island.


The film industry in Ireland has grown with the assistance of the Irish Film Board, becoming an international filmmakers destination, and also seeing a rise in Irish film-making talent. Venues like The Light House Cinema and the Irish Film Institute along with festivals like the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival are providing spaces for film to cultivate, putting Ireland firmly on the map in the world of film.


Film internships are available with pre and post production companies working on feature films, documentaries, corporate videos, and television series. Work could involve researching for submissions, set, prop, and cast sourcing, and assisting with camera work and post production edits.

The growing animation and gaming industry in Dublin is part of the creative, digital growth sector in Ireland. There are plenty of creative studios animating 2D and 3D content for children’s TV shows, films, online games, as well as Mobile and App technology.

If you have technical or creative talent and want to gain working experience in animation and the chance to build your portfolio, Stint Ireland can hook you up with a creative animation internship. Working with an animation studio, you can assist with technical animation and creative concepts.

Check out this Stint Story featuring one of our Stinters, Sarah, who was a video production intern during her time in Dublin.