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Stint Ireland was founded in 2013 with the goal of facilitating tailored internship experiences in Dublin for international students and graduates. We are always striving to improve our program participants’ experiences. Our aim is to ensure every student receives an experience that is both personal and valuable.

Call our service artisanal.

We take pride in our extensive network of organizations in Dublin, ranging from popular fields like medicine to niche industries like ceramics. We aim to match your students with their ideal organizational match, tailored to their individual goals and interests.

Quality internship host organizations are the backbone of our program so we take great care in maintaining those relationships. We meet with all of our internship placement hosts, personally, and maintain an ongoing dialogue with them to make sure that the internship is going smoothly for them and the student…take a look at the videos below.

  • Visual Production Intern

    Sarah Moffit

    Sarah Moffit was a video production intern with Visual Video during summer 2016. She explains everything about her role as a Production & Post-Production Runner with great pride and joy. She also discusses her experience with Stint Ireland and our dedicated team. Sarah is a University of Utah student and she also created our super cool housing video...which you can view further down this page!

  • Adelaide & Meath Hospital

    Dr. Collins

    Dr. Ronan Collins is a consultant geriatrician and director of the Stroke Service in The Adelaide & Meath Hospital (Tallaght Hospital). He describes his career and his experience with Elisabeth Miller, their first Intern who was a biology major from Carroll College in Montana.

  • Events Intern

    Hanna Sise

    Hannah Sise was an Event Planning & Event Marketing student from Austin State University. She talks passionately about her role and projects within Project 51, an Irish Designer Collective based in the heart of Dublin. She answers questions about her journey that brought her to where she is now and where she hopes the future will bring her..

University Affiliates Benefits:

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Exclusive Access

You will receive first notification about new opportunities and positions that arise throughout the calendar year.

Break Barriers to Entry

We will work alongside your institution to provide a scholarship. (Please contact us for further details)

Stress-free Promotion

We can provide informational and promotional materials for events, fairs, and meetings.

Holistic Service

We support an excellent alumni community, including a referral plan for past and future students.

  • Stint have your back


    Creating a strong, enjoyable and safe community for our Stinters is a constant goal for Stint. We run weekly events such as grabbing dinner and a drink mid week or taking a walking tour of Dublin and the suburbs. The amazing strength and success of our Stint community comes down to the incredible candidates we have had on our program.

  • More than a place to rest your head!


    Housing is a primary concern for everyone when they think about interning abroad. That’s why we don’t just provide housing, we provide a home. Our excellent houses are spread across several locations all of which are based within walking distance from the city center, stores and transport. Take a look at our housing video made by one of our very talented Stinters.

  • Because its not all about work

    Trips & Excursions

    We understand that travel is one a huge factor when it comes to interning abroad, and for good reason too. We here at Stint are seasoned travellers so we don’t hesitate to organize exciting weekend trips throughout Ireland and beyond.

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